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I’m Not Boycotting Heavyweight Reds!

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As I’ve been posting many of my favorite recipes, I realize that I will not once recommend a heavyweight red with any of them – I’m thinking of wines such as a big tannic Cabernet or Syrah or a very ripe and high alcohol Zinfandel. It’s not that I don’t drink these wines – I do! And I often do with the recipes I’m including on this site. I just can’t suggest them as the best “pairing” for the foods. Heavyweight wines like these often completely overpower the food. They really go best with a burger or steak – something with a good amount of fat and protein and salt. Syrah can often be gamey and pair well with gamey meats. Zinfandel is usually fantastic with barbeque.

Mostly I think you should drink what you love! But, if your goal is to learn more about wine and try to bring out the best in your wine and food at a meal, then following some of the pairing recomendations make sense.

Whatever you do – enjoy your food, enjoy your wine, and make every meal a celebration!